The Southeast Valley's Premier Home Poker League

  • Big Slick went MEGA with our biggest tournament ever! FIVE tables and a prize pool of nearly $5,000!!
  • Only three full tables stand between you and tournament victory!
  • The Championship Table is waiting for you. Will YOU be there?
  • If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, you are that sucker.


The Big Slick Poker Circuit plays exclusively tournament style No Limit Texas Hold’Em located in various locations around the Gilbert area.  On occasion, we will venture out to Mesa and Chandler for our tournaments.  The location rotates each month based on those generous enough to host.


Each Big Slick Poker Circuit tournament season consists of ten open entry tournaments with a Championship tournament at the end of the season.  Each tournament is a deep stack that plays to the advantage of the more disciplined players, but also allows players to get a little loose early in the tournament to make things interesting.  In 2016, we started a Mega Tournament which was a $100 buy-in tournament with 48 players and in 2017 we started hosting a Satellite tournament that feeds into the AZ State Championship Tournament in Scottsdale.  Based on the huge success of these tournaments, we'll definitely have one every year.


The Championship tournament is a free-roll that is even deeper (400x starting stack) and is open only to players that make the top 10 in the Power Rankings after the ten open entry tournaments.  The prize pool is made up of a small portion of each entry from each tournament throughout the year.  In 2017, the prize pool was over $2,500 and 2018 will be even bigger!


We are a very friendly group where most everyone knows each other, and even if you're new to the group, we'll get to know you pretty easily and make you feel welcome.  But don't be fooled by our friendly nature, there is some stiff competition in the Big Slick Poker Circuit!  Many of us play at the casinos regularly and fare pretty well and a couple of us have even played in the WSOP.  But don't let that intimidate you!  Come along and get to know us, we're happy to have you in our group.


The Southeast Valley's Premier
Home Poker League